Mar 19, 2009

Not Your Average Annual Report

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Kristy Lafollette
Director, Program Planning

Print work is a rare bird these days in our oh-so-web-centric landscape, so we were thrilled when the Women's Foundation of California invited us to design their 2008 annual report.

Mar 11, 2009

Crowd-Sourced Customer Service


Companies are attempting to interact with customers through social media in many ways. Some of the most meaningful interactions I’ve seen are where companies attempt to solve a customer’s problem.

Feb 05, 2009

TED Day 2: Finding Your Muse and Robots that Could Save Your Life

There’s a theme running through TED that has to do with making complex information clear. That’s right up our alley, so I thought I should mention a couple examples.

JoAnn Kuchera-Morin from UC Santa Barbara showed us some video today of the AlloSphere, which allows people to experience full immersion in an experience like watching atoms collide or moving inside a brain to see how thoughts are activated. It was mind-blowing.

Feb 04, 2009

TED Day 1: Linked Data, Polluted Oceans, and Real World vs. Porn


This is my first year attending the TED conference, but Maria has been coming for many years so she’s been a great tour guide. There were a bunch of pre-conference events yesterday, but today was the official Day 1. We’ve just spent the last 10 hours or so listening to people like Tim Berners-Lee, Bill Gates, and Al Gore talk about the future of the web, the future of education, and the future of the planet. I’m feeling awed and inspired. I’m also feeling like a serious under-achiever.

Jan 26, 2009

Collaborating with Cisco on the Eos Platform

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Josh Williams
Director, Product Strategy

Everyone goes to sites like YouTube, MySpace, Hulu and Facebook when they want to check out what's new and hot in entertainment.

Jan 07, 2009

Stacey's Floored by Technical KO


After 85 years in business, Stacey's Bookstore will be calling it quits in March. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the independent book seller, located near San Francisco's Financial District, is one more casualty due to our damaged economy.

Nov 02, 2008

Five Things "Gained" From the 2008 AIGA Gain Conference

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Shalin Amin
Senior Visual Designer
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