10 Sure-Fire Communication Tools from a UX Strategist's Toolbox

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Web 2.0 Expo, New York, NY

The practice of user experience has grown more sophisticated, produced higher quality online products, and gained wider acceptance beyond the design community. Still, so many potentially wonderful experiences disappoint and many talented design teams are excluded from decisions that fundamentally affect the experience. Why? Two words: ineffective communication. For designers, effective communication with teammates, business owners, and other constituents is 50% of our job but almost 0% of our training. From deliverables to design reviews to team meetings—good storytelling and persuasive arguments are critical. Sarah shares 10 tools from her UX toolbox to help you develop persuasive arguments, and successfully create and advocate for the best user experience in your organization. Attendees will learn specific, proven techniques that can be applied in their own work environment to streamline communication and build more team cohesion. Sarah will present a variety of tools and strategies that have proven useful and highly effective for building arguments, communicating clearly with stakeholders, building trust, and gaining a seat at the strategic table.

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