Moms vs. Management: Parents Make AWESOME Managers

Maria Giudice's picture
Maria Giudice
CEO & Founder
Monday, March 12, 2012 / 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Courtyard Marriott, Austin, TX

A lighthearted but meaningful take on the power of working mothers, this panel will highlight parenting skills that apply to people management, and vice-versa. Joining Maria will be Margaret Stewart of YouTube / Google TV and Lourdes Alba of Pixar, discussing tried-and-true techniques for making the best of both worlds. Topics include time organization, conflict resolution, skilled listening, and balancing life with work.

“Being a good mom, like being a good manager, takes emotional intelligence, incredible organization, and sheer stamina,” said Maria. “I’m excited to join forces with fellow moms Margaret and Lourdes to explore ideas about how these sometimes conflicting roles can actually strengthen each other. I think motherhood makes us smarter and more resilient, which is priceless in the professional world.”

The “Moms vs. Management” panel marks Maria’s fourth at SXSW. In 2009, she discussed the relationship between human-centered design to agile development, and in 2010 she led conversations about how non-profits can leverage the power of social media for good and how experiences converge in the museum context.

SXSW runs from March 9-18, 2012 in Austin, TX. See more information about the panel here and about SXSW Interactive here.

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