Re-Making the News

Re-making the News: A Panel Discussion
Thursday, April 25, 2013 / 6:30pm - 8:30pm
585 Howard Street, First Floor

News organizations established successful content strategies that worked over many, many years: reporters, editors, printing presses, producers, anchors, cameramen, TV news vans, 10 o'clock news.

Now these trusted journalism practices need to adapt to a new landscape: smartphones, tablets, viral YouTube videos, blogs, open data, search engines, social networks.

Mother Jones magazine, and two news startups, Circa and Newsbound, are re-imagining the news with new strategies to keep people informed as they adopt new devices, platforms and digital habits.

Please join us at Hot Studio for a panel on April 25, 2013, at 6:30pm, to learn first-hand about how these organizations are addressing challenges and seizing new opportunities for content in a digital era.

The panel includes:

Interactive Editor, Mother Jones magazine

Since 1976, Mother Jones magazine has been in the business of investigative reporting feature writing on politics, the environment, human rights, and culture. Now, the magazine is full-on embracing the power of the web, creating visual and viral digital content that most recently rocked the 2012 election. Most recently, the magazine was nominated for a National Magazine Award in Multimedia. Tasneem Raja conceives and develops the magazines’s digital strategies and interactive features.


Director of News, Circa

Circa is a news app that optimizes content for mobile phones. It aggregates and organizes stories in multiple ways to increase your ability to share the news via social media in bite-sized portions and also understand the broader narrative one story may be a part of. Cohn is director of news at Circa. Before Circa, he createdSpot.us, a way for people to crowd-fund reporting.



Founder and CEO, Newsbound

Newsbound is about “slowing down the news so you can get up to speed.” Newsbound's unique content is presented in “stack" format—clickable, explanatory slideshows that makes it easier for people to understand complex issues and terms in the news. The Newsbound team also works with publishers and organizations to adapt original reporting and research to this graphics-driven style of storytelling. Kalven developed the concept for Newsbound while attending Knight Digital Media Center's News Entrepreneur Boot Camp.


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