Reality Augmented and the Playful Future of Sociality

Friday, June 15, 2012 / 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Hot Studio, 585 Howard Street (1st Floor), San Francisco

What will shape our social future? Join us to explore how playful, virtuoso sociality can emerge from our new habitat of complexity and how it will affect products, our living spaces, fashion, health, and our social behavior!

4:00-5:15 - Presentation + Q&A
5:15-6:00 - Happy Hour (with wine and cheese)

Tish Shute is Creative Technologist and Reality Architect working in Will Wright's "Do Tank," Stupid Fun Club, Inc. Tish is a synthesist, entrepreneur, speaker, writer, anticipatory anthropologist, and founder of UgoTrade—a leading blog focused on augmented reality, and the future of mobile social communications. Tish is also the co-chair/co-founder of Augmented Reality Event, and co-founder of ARWave. Her career in new media and technology began with working in motion control, robotics, and visual effects for film, television, theme parks, and aerospace. She continues her interest in innovation and paradigm shifts as an entrepreneur and consultant. She is passionate about putting people at the center of their augmented mobile social futures!

Ben Cerveny has worked for over 20 years on user interaction and experience design, concept prototyping, and strategy in the context of media applications, operating systems, web services, ubiquitous computing, and massively multiplayer games. Most recently, he was an advisor and strategist at Stamen Design, a leading visualization design studio. Previously, he was the founder of the Experience Design Lab at frogdesign, an international product design company, and a lead game designer and platform development strategist at Ludicorp, makers of Flickr. He is also the founder of the Amsterdam-based research foundation VURB, which investigates digital urbanism, and is constantly engaged in the investigation of innovative ways to improve the flow and play of a user’s relationship with a task or information.


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