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Maria Giudice
CEO & Founder
Tuesday, September 6, 2011 - Friday, September 9, 2011
Fort Mason, San Francisco

SOCAP is a multi-platform organization dedicated to the flow of capital towards social good. Our event series connects innovators worldwide—investors, foundations, institutions and social entrepreneurs—to build a market at the intersection of money and meaning. SOCAP has received global recognition as a leader in the social capital space.

Gleaning Insights
The design process doesn’t start on the computer. It doesn’t start with conclusions. It starts with discovery and searching for insights and things that people haven’t yet discovered. It also begins with empathy—understanding the people you want to serve, and the people you bring together to build your organization. This session will explore how to find the right questions to ask that lead you to higher thinking, facilitate listening for opportunity and positive potentiality and allow you to glean insights that will help you understand and prioritize who you’re designing for.

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