For Rajan, the most successful projects begin when a team approaches audience needs holistically, across disciplines and areas of expertise. Experience has shown this business leader that cross-pollinating business strategy, design thinking, and technological vision leads not just to growth, but to transformation. Rajan's passion is bringing these transformative results to Hot's clients and the people who use their products and services.


As President, Rajan has guided Hot Studio’s evolution from an award-winning creative boutique to an award-winning full-service agency. To clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to start-ups and community organizations, Rajan’s the guru of big-picture thinking. Behind the scenes at Hot, he’s woven “business fluency” into our process, and helps establish clear parameters for measuring the ROI of creative decisions.
Knowing that Rajan powers our flexible processes and solid outcomes, it’s no surprise that companies like Cisco, eBay,, Warner Music Group, DowJones, and Zinio have relied on him as an executive sponsor and champion for their game-changing initiatives. 

His expertise at managing both client relationships and agency operations began with more than six years as General Manager of San Francisco’s Modern Media / Digitas. There he led cross-channel marketing efforts for clients such as Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Sprint PCS, Michelin North America, Amgen, and Charles Schwab. Earlier in his career, Rajan served as principal for the strategic consulting firm Nextera, as technology executive for a division of NewsCorporation, and as SVP of Strategy and Operations for Vivid Studios.

Rajan credits his passion for adopting and evangelizing design-centered thinking to his first job after college, at The Understanding Business. What began as a way to earn a little money before starting law school turned into a notable career. He ultimately released his waitlist position for Georgetown Law to spend four years with The Understanding Business. There, as fate would have it, he met Maria Giudice, who would one day found Hot Studio.

Rajan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley and an MBA, with a focus on marketing and finance, from Columbia University.


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