Equal parts client advocate, creative collaborator, and organizational powerhouse, Hot Studio’s producers are the engine driving our work forward. And Clancy, Hot’s Executive Director of Program Planning, makes sure it’s a smooth-running engine.


Since 2001 Clancy’s been an integral member at Hot, serving as producer on many of the company’s biggest projects, while also helping to define and grow our unique producer discipline. Today, in addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations of Hot’s producers, he is tasked with helping our clients envision long-term strategic initiatives.

A veteran of both the advertising and design worlds, Clancy has more than twenty years of experience in interactive design, working at Landor, Clement Mok Designs, MetaDesign, and Method. He was also a whitewater rafting guide in a previous life—a job experience he says helped him immensely in his later work as a producer.