Oct 01, 2007

Gap (PRODUCT) RED Site Wins W3 Silver Award

Gap Inc.'s (PRODUCT) RED website was recently announced a Silver Winner in the Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit category by the W3 Awards committee.

As musician Bono explained at the October 13 kickoff event for RED products in the U.S., “Product Red is a way of making it easy for people in the shopping malls and main streets all over this great country to get AIDS drugs to Africans who can't afford them.” Gap Inc. was one of the first five companies to partner with RED in the U.S.

In early summer of 2006, Gap Inc. asked Hot Studio to design the Gap Inc. (PRODUCT) RED site. The site needed to follow the just-minted RED brand guidelines while harnessing the spirit of the Gap Inc. brand. Henrik Olsen, Hot Studio's Creative Director, says, “Branding projects like the (PRODUCT) RED site are in one of Hot Studio's sweet spots: designing solutions that really improve people's lives. The (PRODUCT) RED initiative is leading the way for corporate America to operate in a more socially and globally conscious way. We're very happy to continue contributing to this effort.”

Gap Inc.'s (PRODUCT) RED website was launched in phases to sync with worldwide RED events. It serves as the “home” for all news and progress about Gap Inc.'s involvement in the (PRODUCT) RED initiative, while directing consumers to the Gap.com/red site in order to buy Gap RED products.

The site was selected as a Silver Winner by the W3 Award committee. The W3 is sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, and sponsors and partners include The Creative Group, the leading creative professional staffing company in the world, ADWEEK magazine, and the American Marketing Association.

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