Dec 03, 2009

Heroic Efforts

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Marsha Plat
Director, User Experience

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Photo credit by Joe Philipson

Awhile back a client asked me why the featured area at the top of a webpage is called "the hero" spot. I had to admit that I didn't really know. How did it happen that most of the designers that I know use this term?

I asked around and got a few suggestions. Some suggested the term came from the advertising aphorism "make the product the hero." Others, with a more literary background, suggested that the hero was the main actor or protagonist. Kristy LaFollette, a producer here at Hot, suggested the hero is so-called because it "wins the eye." Whatever the etymology, I have to say "hero" has a nice ring to it–much nicer than say, "featured homepage module."

Do you know how the "hero" spot got its name?