Feb 20, 2013

Hot’s Bill Fisher to Show SXSW How to Make Web Apps That “Don’t Suck”

Many of the best-known mobile apps have been built for native platforms, like iOS and Android. But now a new crop of apps has begun to surface—HTML5 web apps—bringing with them some very big promises—a unified code base! responsive design! offline functionality! (As you can see from the video below, we here at Hot are pretty fond of them ourselves.)

There’s just one problem.

Right now, a lot of mobile web apps kinda... sorta... suck.

But they don’t have to! In fact, they can be downright awesome. And that’s exactly what Bill Fisher’s going to explain during his upcoming presentation at SXSW Interactive: how to make awesome mobile web apps.

Part talk, part interactive workshop, Bill will begin by discussing the business opportunities that HTML5 apps present, and then lead the group through the process of creating their own HTML5 app.

An early adopter of JavaScript and Ajax, Bill is currently leading the groundswell around how clients can use HTML5 and responsive design to optimize experiences across different screens and devices. Bill is also the author of Touchy, an innovative jQuery plugin for managing touch events across devices.

Topics discussed during Bill’s talk will include responsive web design, cross-device touch event handling (a speciality of Bill’s), optimized animations, testing hardware-accelerated graphics, technologies for storing or caching app resources for offline use, asynchronous UI ("optimistic rendering"), JavaScript application frameworks, benefits and limitations of save-to-home-screen, and device hardware APIs.

Sound good? Then register for Bill’s talk today.

Sunday, March 10, 2013 / 11am-1:30pm
AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 204

Can’t make it to Austin? No problemo. You can follow Bill’s talk on Twitter by following the tag #MoWebApps. Also be sure to follow @hotstudio and @fisherwebdev.

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