Apr 30, 2012

Hot’s John Butterfield Brings the "Battle of the Bulge" to the iPad

Check out this cool new project from John Butterfield, one of Hot Studio’s Senior UX Designers in New York: “Battle of the Bulge” is a new strategy game for the iPad based on the actual events that transpired during the pivotal WWII battle.

Image credit: Shendandoah Studio

Conceived and designed by John, who is a member of the Game Designer’s Hall of Fame(!) and has designed interactive installations for the likes of NASA and many others, “Battle” is a serious simulation game that allows multiple play modes. It was designed by John with the iPad exclusively in mind.

“Battle” is the first game being released by Shenandoah Studio, a new, independent game publisher that’s producing games for the iPad in the tradition of classic turn-based strategy board games likes, like “Stratego” and “Risk.”

There’s a Kickstarter page going right now to help make “Battle” a reality. Be sure to check it out!