Aug 17, 2011

Hot and Adobe Go Way Back

From the earliest days of Illustrator and Flash, Hot’s creative team has relied on the speed and adaptability of the Adobe product suite to create people-centered user experience flows and interactions. Today, Adobe tools continue to play an integral role in our creative process, allowing our team to not only to visualize user experience concepts, but test them as we design through rapid prototyping.

It’s this interaction prototyping that led Hot’s web application design for the custom photobook maker Blurb. Instead of using static screenshots to illustrate how user photos would flow into a custom photobook, Hot used Adobe Flash to test the flow in real-time. This allowed for both the client and user testing groups to see the “Bookify” interaction before it was actually built, saving time and costly revisions.

InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop are also central to the Hot design process. In fact, Hot designer Paul Smith says, “Adobe products are so fundamental to what I do that if you took them away, I wouldn’t be able to do my job.” This sentiment is best exemplified in Hot’s iPad app design work for both Zinio and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. “The suite of Adobe products were developed for ease of use across multiple platforms,” says Brian van Veen, another designer at Hot. “These tools made it possible to resize and scale the design without jumping back and forth from vector files to Photoshop. That’s essential for success in my job.”

Matt Carlson, Principal of Strategy and Design at Hot, used Adobe tools to help envision the tablet magazine interaction for the future of Hearst magazine publishing. “I used Illustrator templates to draw the core script,” he explains. “Then Photoshop to build the concept storyboards that integrated seamlessly to AfterEffects for the concept video. The end result was great because it enabled Hearst and its advertisers to see what the future magazine app will look like and act like."

If you ask Hot Studio designers, they’ll tell you that the synergy between Hot Studio's work and Adobe products comes naturally. Henrik Olsen, Principal and Executive Creative Director at Hot, says, "It's a truly symbiotic relationship, a partnership of people in the business of creating great experiences. It just makes sense.”