Jun 11, 2010

Hot Has a Hand in Bringing the World’s Gardeners Together

Hot Studio is happy to announce our role in designing the interactive experience for YourGardenShow.com, the world’s first social media platform dedicated to gardens and their cultivators. You can check out the website here.

For about five months, Hot, along with the great folks at Pivotal Labs, collaborated with Your Garden Show’s husband and wife co-founders—Tom Finerty, an Emmy Award-winning producer, and Lisa Marini, who is a master gardener. The goal was to create an interactive site that would bring gardening experts and novices together to expand the world’s gardening community.

People who come to the site can upload photos and videos of their work, write profiles and logs of their garden activities, and leave comments about other users’ gardens, all as a result of Hot’s work.

“Hot Studio started from scratch with us,” said Tom, “and built, brick by brick, a market savvy, easy-to-use, beautiful and intuitive website.” Along with our experience design work for the site itself, Hot also helped Your Garden Show define its brand strategy—even creating its logo—and craft its business strategy, too. You can read more about that here.

“What made this project so great was that we were able to bring to bear a wide range of the seasoned expertise we possess at Hot,” said Maria Giudice, our CEO and founder. “As always, we’re proud to have had a hand in an endeavor to make our world a better place to live in.”

You can find out more about the interactive design work we’ve done by clicking on the names below:

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