Aug 17, 2011

Hot Means Tech

Dan Harrelson's picture
Dan Harrelson
Executive Director, Technology

Over the past two years, Hot Studio has been rapidly expanding its technology offerings. Beginning with the hiring of Chris Jones as our Principal of Engineering, and continuing with key hires like Jason Punzalan, our Director of Technology in New York, our technology department has grown to a team of nearly twenty people, fully equipped to offer a wide range of front- and back-end solutions.

We’ve invested heavily in technology at Hot, and will continue to do so, because we believe that by being able to build what we design, Hot is ultimately able to create better finished products.

Why do we think this?

First, and most importantly, we believe that by building what we design, we can offer a truer execution of our clients’ visions. The traditional design-development model, in which one group designs the product and another builds it, increases the chances that things will be lost in translation. The more you hand things from one team to another, the more likely it is that the original vision becomes diluted, or is executed incorrectly. By doing everything under one roof we can avoid playing telephone.

Hot’s technology capacity means our engineers can be engaged from the beginning. They can be there for the kickoff meeting, get to know the client’s goals and needs, and inform early decisions. The design is improved by having engineers involved at early stages. They can raise red flags, point out opportunities that technology can bring to bear, and bring to light interesting offerings that a the traditional designer might not think of. And because our engineers are involved every step along the way, our designers are better able to advocate for the client.

This early knowledge of the client and the project become essential once coding begins. Designs naturally change, and new decisions are made, during development. If another group is dealing with these choices, their decisions may or may not be in line with what the client originally intended. Because we involve our technology staff early on, and because we hire for creativity at Hot, we believe we have engineers on staff who are better-equipped to make the right decision as they’re coding, resulting in a better end-product.

Our technology capabilities also mean we are able to offer design-development services to new kinds of clients, like startups, that may not have the in-house capacity to execute a particular project themselves. Because startups are often on tight budgets, we are also able to offer alternative financial terms in exchange for our services. Licensing, equity, pay-for-performance and revenue shares are all options we are willing to discuss.

We’re very excited about our technology department and the fact that we can offer our clients better service. Please be in touch if you’d like to learn more about what we can do. And if you’re an engineer with a strong sense of creativity and a willingness to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams, be sure to check our Jobs page. Hot’s hiring.