Jul 21, 2011

Hot Studio’s First-Ever Hackathon Happens This Weekend


This coming weekend, on July 22 and 23, team members from across Hot Studio will bring pizza, beer, and some of their best ideas to Hot’s first-ever Hackathon.

What is a hackathon? Wikipedia defines the hackathon in terms of software development: it’s a relatively unstructured, collaborative programming event, usually held for a few days, where programmers and engineers work together to create new software.

At Hot, the collaborative spirit of the hackathon certainly carries through, but the end-goal is not just new software. Each four-person team is being asked to identify a business case or solve a particular problem, and develop products and apps that meet those needs. Each team’s work culminates with a five-minute pitch in front of a team of judges. The pitch is the team's chance to show market viability and customer demand, and showcase a prototype of the app.

The stakes of Hot’s Hackathon are being raised thanks to an all-star group of judges. Hot’s Chris Jones, Principal of Strategy and Engineering, will be joined on the panel by Foodspotting cofounder Alexa Andrzejewski, author and designer Clement Mok, and entrepreneur/engineer Tony Stubblebine. Presentations will be judged and prizes awarded on July 25.

“Hot’s Hackathon is about learning by doing, with the expectation that what we learn will be valuable when working with our clients,” says Josh Damon Williams, Hot’s Director of Product Strategy. “We also think that ideas from the Hackathon might lead to new partnerships or opportunities with new or existing clients, which is really exciting.”

We’ll be covering the Hot Hackathon here on the blog, and sharing each team’s work in the weeks ahead. Be sure to check back and see what develops.

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Josh Williams's picture

I should also mention that in addition to learning by doing, we will also be learning by drinking beer. Not a lot of beer. Just enough to ensure our learnings are truly exciting. ;)