Dec 16, 2008

Hot Studio is On the Air, and in Print

There are a lot of good ideas bubbling around the office at Second and Howard, and I don't just mean my brain-child to knock out a fridge-sized hole in the brick wall separating us from Kate O'Brien's. I would hang a cardboard sign over it that read, Ye Olde Portal O' Beer. Clients would love it. But I digress.

Our boss, Maria Giudice, has ideas that people actually want to hear. First she talked to "The Innovation Zone," an online radio program, about the role of community on the Internet and the importance of designing websites so that they foster said communities. Earlier this year, Maria talked to BusinessWeek about just this.

Then she talked to the inimitable Dr. Moira Gunn, host of NPR's "Tech Nation." She and Maria discussed the new designs emerging on the Web. But they did not talk about the fact that both of them are from Staten Island. Yes, that's right. Hot Studio has roots in the Rock.