Jan 19, 2010

Hot Studio becomes Microsoft Global Agency Partner

Chris Jones's picture
Chris Jones
Principal, Strategy & Engineering

It's not easy to stay on the cutting edge of technology—although we do our best (if the hours of late night blog surfing are any indication).

Sometimes, your best option is to align yourself with the people who are actually creating the technology that you will end up leveraging for your clients.

There really aren't many technology sources bigger or more influential than Microsoft. Hot Studio has recently become a member of the Global Agency Partnership Initiative. It's a program that, despite its fancy sounding name, is actually built on a pretty simple idea: Working together to provide our clients with the best possible end product.

As a Global Agency Partner we have access to beta versions of game-changing products and platforms in development at Microsoft along with training, marketing support, and beta programs related to the technology that's already made a big global impact.

Our design and development teams are already digging into Microsoft technologies and are excited to start designing the next generation of products and experiences for our clients and their customers.