Aug 12, 2009

Hot Studio Celebrates 12 Years of Being in Business

Maria Giudice's picture
Maria Giudice
CEO & Founder

On July 25, 1997, I announced the opening of my new design firm, Hot Studio: “design for understanding.” Here’s the announcement I sent via snail mail to all of my friends and colleagues:

From the beginning, Hot Studio has been dedicated to solving complex design problems by crafting elegant systems that serve human understanding and meet human needs. We have worked with more than 100 clients on hundreds of projects. We can’t thank them enough for trusting us to create with them transformative experiences for their customers.

Hot is a bottom-up company that focuses on high-quality work through creative collaboration. Each and every employee has contributed to our success over the past 12 years. I want to thank them all:

Brian Alcorn
Katrina Alcorn
Shalin Amin
Renee Anderson
Hyland Baron
JD Bergeron
Janet Blake
Mark Brenwall
James Butler
Rajan Dev
Jenny Eng
Cathy Evans
Florian Fangohr
Renee Getsey
Eric Grant
Zinnia Gupte
Laura Haertling
Holly Hagen
Erika Hall
Tanya Herrgott
Susan Hosking
Julia Hummelt
Grace Hwang
Peter Jacques
Justin Kai
Sarah Kennon
Ann Kim
Dohyun Kim
David Knupp
Kim Ladin
Kristy LaFollette
Shara Lange
Julyanne Liang
James Lin
Jon Littell
Cathy Lo
Chris MacDougall
Kelly Meanley
Margot Merrill
Mike Monteiro
Stephen Muller
Mateo Nares
Clancy Nolan
Henrik Olsen
Kyre Osborn
Eric Pacenta
David Paige
Marsha Plat
Michael Polivka
Zanne Prudhomme
Gregory Ramsperger
Alison Rand
Ruben Rohde
Courtney Ryan
Noreen Santini
Gregory Schuler
Elizabeth Segrave-Daly
Ben Seibel
Hazel Sharpe
Dave Shih
Kathy Simpson
Ryan Sims
Susan Stanger
Holger Struppek
Jisun Suh
Brian van Veen
Vinicio Vasquez
Oscar Villalon
Han Wang
Josh Damon Williams
Christina Wodtke
Dana Zipster

Again, many thanks, and Happy 12th, Hot Studio!