Dec 01, 2005

Hot Studio Gives a Total Makeover

The new Schwab public site, designed by Hot Studio and lauched this month, is a testament to the human-centered design process. After months of research and collaborative work sessions with stakeholders at Schwab, the new site beautifully differentiates Schwab from its competition, while providing a vastly improved shopping experience for prospects. Other improvements to the site:

  • It gives prospects a sneak preview of what they will get as customers.
  • The public site is now better differentiated visually from the Schwab customer site, to prevent confusion for current customers about which site they're using.
  • The new design provides a framework for messaging so that the question "Why Schwab" is answered in context of each offering.
  • Information throughout the site is designed to be more scannable and easier to read.

See the full case study.