Jan 21, 2009

Hot Studio Helps Cisco Launch Eos

Hot Studio was privileged to work with the Cisco Media Solutions Group on designing several aspects of the recently launched Cisco Eos platform. As a white-label platform for media and entertainment companies to create, manage and grow online communities around their content, Eos presented a difficult visual and user interface design challenge.

Hot engaged in “a very large effort to create a modular, branded interface that not only was intuitive to administrative users, but also enabled a compelling experience for the end consumer,” said Henrik Olsen, principal creative director. Hot helped create the visual user interface of the Eos administrative application, and extended and refined the visual user interface of the consumer’s view of the Eos experience. In addition to the product work, Hot created a software icon that will be used to identify the Eos platform in both marketing materials and on Eos-powered websites.

Cisco Eos was launched at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show and integrates social networking, content management and site administration features into a single operating environment. The platform was built to help media and entertainment companies increase revenue opportunities and reduce operational costs in engaging online audiences.

Cisco Eos uses a standards-based architecture that allows for future integration with other Cisco products and technologies, extending the online entertainment experience to other consumer devices.