Feb 08, 2010

Hot Studio Joins DesigNYC

Eric Grant's picture
Eric Grant
Director, Visual Design

Photo credit by kaysha

Community service and collaboration is in Hot Studio's DNA. Whether it's helping Dave Eggers fulfill a TED wish, or our annual Philanthroparty, we're always looking for ways to support good causes. And that's why we're excited to be part of a new initiative in New York: DesigNYC, a volunteer organization that connects nonprofits and community groups with professional, pro bono design services. The concept was inspired by other pro bono initiatives such as Taproot Foundation’s Service Grant program, and the Hot Studio-designed Open Architecture Network. DesigNYC organizers include MoMA curator Paola Antonelli, Pentagram architect James Biber and New York magazine's design editor Wendy Goodman.

This year's 12 multidisciplinary pilot projects include a book about preventing diabetes and heart disease through nutrition, a green roof and intergenerational garden in the Bronx, and a 125 block lighting plan for Manhattan’s Broadway. Hot Studio has been matched with GreenHomeNYC, which helps facilitate the adoption of sustainable building methods by owners of small residential and commercial buildings in New York. We'll be helping them brand and design an interactive experience for a weekend block party about green living.

We're very proud to be part of this great organization.