Jul 04, 2008

Hot Studio Partners with iShares on Client-Enhanced Website

Hot Studio is pleased to announced its major role in the website redesign of iShares, the world’s largest provider of exchange traded funds. The new site, www.ishares.com, launched last month.

Working in close collaboration with iShares’s domestic and international teams, Hot helped iShares redesign its website so it could better provide its clients—a wide range of financial professionals—with a branded experience wherein they can easily find relevant market insights for their investment needs. You can learn more about the work we did here.

“It was refreshing to collaborate with a company that is as relentlessly focused on the overall client experience as we are,” said iShares VP of User Experience Christine Garofoli. “This shared value drove the strategy and focus of our efforts for this redesign.”

As part of the site overhaul, Hot Studio and iShares designed a new experience and crafted a set of design and interaction patterns for iShares’s global websites standards. The project also gave us the chance to measure the various strengths of each design possibility through functional prototypes of web pages.

This major undertaking, and its successful results, entailed more than a year’s worth of collaboration with iShares—a time span in which the company merged with BlackRock.

“It’s a testament to the strength of the collaboration between Hot Studio and the iShares team that even as their brand was going through massive transitions we still maintained momentum and consistency on the project—the same momentum and consistency that was there from the project’s inception,” said Hot Studio President Rajan Dev.

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