May 31, 2007

Hot Studio to Redesign Academy of Sciences Website

Hot Studio is extremely happy to announce we will be redesigning the California Academy of Sciences website.

The Academy, founded in 1853, is going through a multi-million dollar transformation that will shift the museum’s focus to become a model of sustainability. The project includes a living roof—one that is covered in native California plants and trees.

Greg Farrington, the new executive director of the Academy is passionate about every detail going into the museum. As he told the SF Chronicle, “I don’t get up in the morning hoping that if I work really hard I will be mediocre by 5 o’clock. The goal here is to make this the best natural life institution in the world.”

This passion to make a museum that is more than a building has been extended to the Internet. Hot Studio jumped at the chance to develop a design system that will educate, inspire, and motivate museum-goers. The first phase of the new website is scheduled to launch this fall.

Read the SF Chronicle article.