Oct 11, 2010

Hot Studio Welcomes Babies at Work in New Pilot Program


In launching this pilot program, Hot Studio is working closely with the Parenting in the Workplace Institute, a non-profit based in Salt Lake City, Utah, that is focused on providing resources and assistance with the implementation of sustainable babies-at-work programs. The Institute helps organizations start successful programs and maintains a growing database of more than 140 workplaces around the country that allow babies at work. Baby-inclusive organizations report higher morale and retention, increased teamwork, an easier transition back to work for new parents, enhanced client loyalty, and greater interest from job applicants.

“Dividing my life into separate roles at work and at home is stressful,” said Courtney Kaplan, Principal, Program Planning, and new mother. “It's nice to have a program at Hot that offers a more integrated choice. The office is the new village.”

With the Institute's help, Hot Studio is implementing a structured, formal babies-at-work policy with specific provisions to ensure that all employees' needs are taken into account and that the babies are not disruptive to the efficient functioning of the company. The company has purchased a soundproof booth that will serve the dual purposes of a quiet space for parents to take fussy babies as needed and, when parents and babies aren't using the booth, a place for video sound editing for Hot Studio's client projects.

Hot Studio views its babies-at-work program in line with its other programs that accommodate employees' volunteer interests and other family needs. Especially in these difficult economic times, Hot Studio is proud to offer a program to its employees that eases the substantial burden of high infant day care costs and the all-too-common—and grueling—situation in which parents must separate from their newborn babies, at a few weeks or months of age, to return to their jobs.

Hot Studio’s CEO and Founder, Maria Giudice, said, “I managed to grow a company and raise two children of my own in the 13 years of being in business. I brought my babies to work until they were each 8 months old and I'm happy to see other new mothers doing the same. We are proud and thrilled to be affiliated with the Babies at Work Program.”