Nov 16, 2010

Hot, Zinio Recognized as Shaping the Future of Magazines

Hot Studio is happy to announce that our collaboration with Zinio on their iPad app was spotlighted in this piece by Sam McMillan in Communication Arts. The big takeaway? “With the launch of the iPad,” as McMillan quotes Hot Studio President Rajan Dev, “the magazine has been reborn.”

In his article about the world being opened up to designers because of the iPad, McMillan talks to Rajan and Matt Carlson, our Principal of Experience Strategy and Design, and Hot senior visual designer Shalin Amin about all the work that went into the app. Here’s how Shalin summed up our thinking going into it:

“We wanted to elevate the reading experience for the larger screen. Our notion of a magazine meant hi-fi content that was well branded and well curated. How we interact with it is wide open. The question is, ‘How can the device enhance a print magazine in a meaningful way?’”

McMillan couldn’t be more taken by the results.  “It’s clear our experience with magazines will never be the same,” he writes. “Open an issue of Road & Track and you can watch a video taken by a racecar driver’s helmet-cam as his Formula One car zooms around a track. Instead of reading a review of a CD, you can sample audio tracks. Or listen as an author reads excerpts of her works. And instead of viewing a few photos taken by a photojournalist, you can now see hundreds. As envisioned by the designers at Hot Studio, the magazine would become a repository of baseline content leading to an arsenal of media that can be deployed to help tell a richer story.”

You can read more about our work with Zinio here and here. Hot Studio is currently working on multiple engagements where the intersection of customer experience, strategy, devices, design, and technology create new opportunities for innovation.