Aug 04, 2009

How Hot Became a Case Study in Sustainability

As you might know from other Hot Tub posts (here and here), we're proud of the work we've done for Once Upon a School. So we're especially pleased to see Fast Company take a deep interest in how we worked with Dave Eggers to create a website that would inspire people to volunteer at their local schools. Alissa Walker talked to our CEO/Founder Maria Giudice about the how and the why behind the site's creation.

A few highlights:

  • "Eggers' message resonated with Hot Studio principal Maria Giudice, who was not only the mother of two children, but volunteered regularly in her local schools as well. But she also knew the difficulties of working within a volunteer-based organization: 'How do you create something that's big enough to move the conversation forward a little bit, but won't overwhelm them to manage?'"
  • "Using that massive nine month-process [for creating the Open Architecture Network] as a learning experience when embarking on Once Upon a School was key for the designers to translate some of the lessons learned while working with similar issues of user-submitted content and how to create maximum impact with minimal resources."
  • "'It's a big challenge for firms who want to get involved in these causes because how can they when they have to pay the bills?' says Giudice. But Hot Studio has projects like this built into their ethos. 'We're a triple bottom line company and we need to make sure we're using our talent and time to make an impact in people's lives.'"