Dec 05, 2012

Inside Hot Sketchbooks

For a lot of us at Hot Studio, sketching is second nature. It's how we generate, explore, and demonstrate ideas. It's how we express what we think.

Drawing out ideas is part of our creative process. We have whiteboards everywhere—even whiteboard tables. A lot of us also keep sketchbooks. As a way of sharing a part of our culture, we thought we'd share some photos of pages from our sketchbooks. Take a peek:

"Dudes on the BART" by Francisco Franco:

"The Monster has a Point" by Josh Williams:

"Lessons from a 3-D Drawing Class" by Julyanne Liang:

"Bacon Brings You Home" by Arvi Raquel-Santos:

"Dogs vs. Humans" by Francisco Franco:

"Icon-a-thon" by Tony Dihmes:

"Dog and Teeth" by Ed Salvana:

"$1,000,000 Reward" by Ed Salvana:

"Brains–Over Here!" by Josh Williams:

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