Jun 19, 2009

Inspiration Found in "The Center of the Earth"

Eric Grant's picture
Eric Grant
Director, Visual Design

Sitting in front of a monitor day in and day out isn't always the best recipe for inspiration. Nature, music, and art are all good catalysts for great ideas, and that's exactly why Hot Studio's visual design team got out of the office and ventured over to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to check out "Meet Me at the Center of the Earth," the Nick Cave exhibition.

Chicago artist Nick Cave is well known for his use of unusual materials to make what he calls "Soundsuits": colorful, wearable pieces of art that evoke many unexpected emotions - from laughter to shock to fear. This exhibit, his largest to date, features 40 Soundsuits made with items like human hair, buttons, beads, bottle caps and beads, as well as room-sized videos and larger-than-life sculptures.

Check out the short video we made of our visit, and be sure to follow us to see how this out-of-the-box thinking will inspire our future projects.

Hot Studio visits Nick Cave at YBCA from Hot Studio on Vimeo.