Feb 15, 2012

Location Labs Launches Safely

Margot Merrill's picture
Margot Merrill
Director, Content & Brand Strategy

Congratulations to our friends at Location Labs on the launch of their new website and Safely Social Monitor, the company’s newest family-focused application.

Location Labs’ Safely products help parents keep their families safe both online and off. Parents can monitor and guide who their kids call and text, track their kids’ locations using GPS, access regular updates on their kids’ Facebook activities, and even help prevent texting while driving.

Though Location Labs has long been a leader in family-focused mobile apps, offering hugely popular apps through the nation’s largest wireless carriers, Safely Social Monitor was its first self-branded offering. Hot Studio worked with Location Labs to develop a set of brand guidelines to help their immensely talented internal team do something they’d never done before: speak directly to their customers.

Click here to learn more about our work with Safely and Location Labs. And if you’re a parent with Web-enabled children, be sure to check out the full line of Safely products too.