Nov 09, 2012

Native Mobile Platform Implementation vs HTML5

Aus Lacroix's picture
Aus Lacroix
Senior Design Engineer

When it comes to delivering experiences for mobile, tablet, and desktop, what’s better: native, or HTML5?

This debate was rekindled recently while working with a client who wanted to build an app that helps people choose services based on location, price and quality. Like any good client, they wanted the best they could get for their target audience. They also wanted to provide a great experience on smart phones, tablets, and desktops, meeting the needs of people on the go and at home, at work and at their desks.

These are all very different usage contexts, and it can be challenging to design and build for all three simultaneously. What to do?

At Hot Studio, we believe HTML5 apps can meet many of these needs, delivering a mobile, tablet, and desktop experience wrapped in one neat little package that people will not just like using, but love using.

To understand why we think this, let’s look at how a single HTML5 app met our client’s many needs.

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