Oct 21, 2011

PopTech Partners with Hot for its First iPad Experience

Hot Studio is proud to announce the new iPad app, PopTech: The World Rebalancing, in time for the innovation network’s 15th annual conference. PopTech is a one-of-a-kind community of the world’s most dynamic leaders, thinkers, and doers, dedicated to improving the way people live. More than 700 members convene each year to accelerate initiatives that change the lives of millions of people worldwide.
Designed and built with PopTech and partners PwC, the UN Global Pulse, Jana, and The New York Times R&D Lab, the app, PopTech’s first for the iPad, brings to life geographical, historical, and ethnographical facts and figures through multi-layered, interactive data visualizations. Our world, according to PopTech, is “rebalancing,” as a “series of connected and converging revolutions … mark the end of one global era and the beginning of another.” Now is the time to examine our assumptions and invigorate our resolve. App users can explore their past through world events, discover present day realities for populations worldwide, and learn what top CEOs say is shaping our future. The experience lets explorers discover surprising facts and consider their effect on our future. Read more about our work on PopTech: The World Rebalancing.
“Creating this app began as a straightforward visual design project,” said Hot Founder and CEO Maria Giudice. “We were so glad to ultimately work in tandem with PopTech and their partners to craft an experience that reveals users’ connections to the world. True to PopTech’s collaborative core,” Giudice continued, “every Hot discipline contributed, and everyone stepped beyond typical roles. This work is a testament to the magic that happens when individuals focus collectively on a single goal.”
“When we decided we wanted to develop an iPad app, we envisioned creating a game-like experience that revealed unconventional insight,” said Andrew Zolli, Executive Director of PopTech. “We found in Hot Studio the ideal partner for creating a final product that far exceeded our expectations.”
The World Rebalancing conference runs from October 19 to 22, 2011, and features more than 80 speakers and performers. Check the conference schedule or the speaker list for more information, or tune in to the live webcast.
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