Nov 15, 2011

Sharing Tablet Best Practices: Henrik Olsen Presents at Web 2.0

“There still aren’t many good resources for tablet design best practices,” says Henrik Olsen, Hot Studio’s Executive Creative Director.

That’s why over the past year Henrik has been busy sharing his experiences, and the collective knowledge gleaned by Hot, on app projects like Evri and Zinio with designers across the country.

Henrik’s latest workshop, held at the Web 2.0 Conference in New York City this past October, was an iteration of workshops previously given at Chico State University and San Francisco’s AIGA chapter.

More than one hundred designers, managers, and developers from companies like Intel and Marriott gathered for the Web 2.0 workshop. The three-hour talk, “Designing for Tablet Experiences,” walked attendees through the top 10 considerations for creating an app, then jumped into a series of interactive exercises intended to quickly help attendees concept and design apps of their own.

“The exercises built on each other,” said Henrik. “It was a logical way of replicating the experience of creating an app, and also a good way to keep people engaged.”

Echoing Hot’s own collaborative approach, Henrik encouraged participants to work in groups. During work sessions, Henrik ventured out into the audience to interview the teams and share progress. “I was going around with a wireless microphone, like Phil Donahue,” said Henrik.

Following the presentation, a few participants asked that Henrik post his slides online. “Designing for Tablet Experiences” has since been viewed more than 18,100 times on SlideShare, and featured on SlideShare’s home page.

View it for yourself.