Jul 05, 2012

SRI International Launches New Website

Chris Jones's picture
Chris Jones
Principal, Strategy & Engineering

With the launch of the new SRI.com, Hot Studio and SRI International celebrate a major milestone in our relationship. More than two years ago SRI asked us to collaborate and envision its online presence. Together we developed a content, design, and technology strategy that enables SRI to communicate its core mission and value as a world leader in innovation.

SRI is one of the crown jewels of Silicon Valley. Initially set up by Stanford University as a nonprofit research institute to stimulate industry on the West Coast, SRI has become home to such important innovations as the computer mouse, speech recognition, and most recently the core technology behind Apple's Siri. Over its 65+ years SRI (independent from Stanford since 1970) has worked across the globe to develop technologies in the fields of computing, drug discovery, robotics, materials, national security, and more.

As we mark the launch of the new website, we're excited to see this platform aid SRI in deepening its engagement with clients, prospective clients, fellow researchers, and prospective employees. Partnering with Web Enertia, we developed a platform that enables departments within SRI to create and manage their content, while still maintaining a single presence and user experience for SRI.com. Key to this strategy was developing a managed taxonomy that was adopted across the site to provide a framework for the site's navigation, SEO, CRM, and publishing capabilities.

We want to thank SRI for their amazing collaboration and wish them the greatest success with the new site and publishing platform.

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