Sep 21, 2010

Technology in the House

Chris Jones's picture
Chris Jones
Principal, Strategy & Engineering

I would like to introduce Dan Harrelson, our Director of Engineering, who joined Hot in August. Dan will be leading the engineering group as well as project teams focused on creating great customer experiences. We are fortunate to have someone like Dan who understands technology and user experience, and can help our teams and clients discover and build new experiences for their customers. 

Dan brings a 15-year history of working in leading user experience studios, managing engineering teams, and developing Web and mobile applications. His passion for technology, and his ability to lead and code, makes him a great fit for Hot’s collaborative and multi-disciplinary environment. 

With Dan on our engineering team, Hot is more able than ever to take on the development of new services and products. His role will be to mature our process and grow our team and capabilities. Leveraging our expertise with HTML5 and content management systems, we see some great opportunities with our publishing and mobile clients

The next few months will see a torrent of new devices entering the market. With them will come an even more complex landscape of form factors, operating systems, browsers, and use cases. Hot is already thinking about these implications, which is why our commitment to technology is such a high priority. 

I’m looking forward to collaborating with Dan on growing the engineering group and creating innovative experiences on new devices. By building these technical skills in-house, Hot Studio strengthens its position as a leader in the customer experience and product innovation spaces.