Nov 13, 2012

A Triple Helping of SXSW, With a Side of TED

We’re super excited to announce that three panels led by members of Hot Studio will be featured at SXSW Interactive 2013. Check out the details below:

Pop (Up) Culture – Pop Ups are a growing trend in urban centers across the U.S., disrupting the retail experience and revitalizing neighborhoods. Hot’s Tina Santiago leads a rockstar panel that asks: What are the opportunities for Pop Ups to occupy our cities? Tina will be joined by Brian De Lowe, of the Kor Group; Emily Eisenhart, from yourSQFT (& IDEO); and Annika Dubrall, at The Gap.

Mobile Web Apps Suck! (but they don’t have to)Bill Fisher, Senior Design Engineer at Hot, will discuss building HTML5 apps for mobile devices—web apps that provide awesome touch interactions, utilize hardware-accelerated graphics, and even work offline.

WTF is a DEO? The Mashup of Creativity & Business – A “DEO” or “Design Executive Officer,” is a hybrid of a strategic business executive and a creative problem solver who places design and creativity at the center of their organization. Maria Giudice, Hot’s Founder and CEO, and Christopher Ireland from Mix & Stir will survey techniques, tactics, and intuitions to help attendees unlock creativity and become better business leaders.

And, speaking of DEOs... we’re also proud to announce that Maria’s talk at TEDxPresidio 2011, The Rise of the DEO, is being translated into different languages as part of TED’s Open Translation Project. You can find Maria’s talk, along with many others, on the TEDx YouTube channel.

Intended to help spread TED ideas around the globe, the Open Translation Project has generated more than 32,000 TED translations so far. Very cool!

Or should we say: ¡Muy frio!