Jan 08, 2013

What’s Hot in 2013?


Friends, family, colleagues, collaborators, partners: Happy New Year from everyone at Hot Studio. We hope the year ahead brings you happiness, good health, and much success.

Now that 2013 is here, we’re excited to share with you a months-long, top-secret initiative at Hot. Its name? Operation Prognostication. Its purpose? To divine the biggest trends of 2013. Compiled by Hot’s designers, technologists, and strategists during a series of meetings held at mysterious, undisclosed locations, today we proudly present the results of our work: a painstakingly honed, totally serious list of things to expect in 2013.

Photo credit: AngryJulieMondayPhoto credit: AngryJulieMondayINTRODUCING: The iPad Macro
We can tell you with utmost confidence of Apple’s next big product release: the iPad Macro. It has a revolutionary 40" form factor, and combines the easy portability of an iMac with the seamless touch-response of a Retina Display. Expect revolutionary accessories to accompany this soon-to-be best seller, including smart covers adorned with telescoping legs, allowing people to transform their Macros into ad hoc shelters.

Photo credit: functoruserPhoto credit: functoruserRETURNING: The Floppy Disk
In 2013 we expect to see the return of the 800k floppy disk as the preferred cool way of exchanging digital data. Bemoaning the loss of physicality in file sharing, a group of devoted “Disk Heads” will begin storing and swapping data on these old school relics. Within months, hipsters in Portland, Bushwick, and the Bay Area will follow suit, arguing that floppies are more “authentic” than cloud-based services.

Photo credit: www.chinasmack.comPhoto credit: www.chinasmack.comGIDDYUP: City Horse Share
Imagine the charm of the Old West combined with a bit of 21st century collaborative consumption. Or, to put it another way: think Zipcar, but with horses. That’s the compelling hook of City Horse Share, a hush-hush startup going into public beta later this year in San Francisco. Rates include insurance, hay, optional spurs (for Type A personalities in a hurry), and the ability to trot or gallop to your next big appointment.

Photo credit: www.cheezburger.comPhoto credit: www.cheezburger.comMEET: The Hombie
In 2012, everyone was crazy about hobbits and zombies. So, what’s the biggest character going to be in 2013? Here’s a hint: it’s three feet tall, has big, hairy feet, is incredibly courageous, and also possesses an insatiable appetite for human brains. That’s right, 2013’s most popular character will be the Hobbit Zombie, aka the Hombie. Peter Jackson, award-winning director of Dead Alive and Lord of the Rings films, will announce a Hombie trilogy in May.

BANNED: Vowels A, E, U
As the Millennial generation has been raised on a diet of constant texting and tweeting, the Geneva, Switzerland-based International Alphabet Federation (Alphabet Fondation Internationale) will move to eliminate all underused letters from written communications, including the vowels A, E, and U. WTF? LOL, IDK, BRB, BTW, OMG, THX, YOLO, FWIW, IMHO, TTYL, WYWH will suffice for all written communications.

Reality TV Moves to the Great Plains

Reality TV shows centered in major cities are taking a hit in ratings. Viewers report, “Its just not funny anymore.” New York, California, Florida, and New Jersey are has-beens and their 15 minutes of fame are coming to an end. So where will enterprising television producers look for the next great reality? Montana. Check out some of the programming you’ll be seeing in 2013:

  • “The Real Housewives of Butte“
  • “Biggest Logger”
  • “Who Wants to Marry a Mountaineer?”
  • “Celebrity Coal Miner”
  • “True Life: My Nearest Neighbor Lives 40 Miles Away”
  • “Say Yes to the Overalls”
  • “Mountain Ink”

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