Every month, more than 7 million people count on Cisco WebEx services to communicate and collaborate online. People recognize WebEx as the proven technology leader in online conferencing. After the acquisition of WebEx by Cisco, a huge rebrand and product development effort was top of mind. Hot Studio was brought on board to create WebEx’s new web presence.


Big changes for small business
Targeting Cisco’s new prime audience was central to the redesign process. The new site would attract novice small business clients looking for à la carte products. To get there, Hot created personas (profiles of fictional site users who embody typical audience members) to articulate the needs of this core audience. This, in tandem with a fresh exploration of WebEx’s brand identity, helped refine the product messaging and value proposition to better connect with small businesses.

Tricking out the tools
User experience was designed based on an e-commerce model, focusing on the purchase flow for the company’s baseline products and upgrades. To tailor specific options for Cisco users, Hot’s interactive design would allow them to purchase meeting services from both within WebEx and the marketing section of the site. This, in addition to new dashboard design, made it easy to purchase services, view meetings and contracts, and navigate site features quickly.

On brand, online and off
Inspired by the polished visual language of Cisco’s rejuvenated brand, Hot created a founding architecture for the visual design of all WebEx’s pages. Through intense collaboration an extensive series of modular user interface templates flowed, as well as a library of detailed specs (headers, buttons, etc.) for each visual component on a page. Using dynamic Flash-based prototypes, Hot tested the proposed design with WebEx customers and refined it based on our findings.

Today, the premier look and feel of the WebEx site integrates seamlessly with the Cisco brand. It offers an intuitive experience for small business clients—from signing into WebEx on its marketing site to using WebEx products once inside. At its core, the redesign is site for the future, welcoming longtime users with the services they expect while ushering in the next generation of small business users with the new tools they need.