El Museo del Barrio is a world-class art institution and premier museum of Latino art. It’s also a cultural center serving the East Harlem community in New York City. But the museum’s website didn’t reflect its incredible art collection or its mission to preserve the richness of Latino art and cultural history, and educate the public. To ensure that each aspect of the El Museo del Barrio experience shined on the new site, Hot Studio led the way.


Cultural immersion
To create an immersive experience around El Museo’s entire collection and its many cultural events, the Hot Studio team explored the museum’s past, its purpose, and the inspiring stories behind its walls. This extensive museum research is evident in the website’s architecture, its vibrant visual design language, and the content management system that supports the specific needs of each user experience.

Nonprofit potential
But Hot recognizes that building a quality website is just the beginning. Refreshing the site with new content and regular, long-term maintenance plays a critical role in its success. And like so many art and cultural centers, El Museo’s limited financial and staffing resources made external support unlikely. By educating the El Museo team about design process and best practices, Hot Studio helped them plan for ongoing site support using their own in-house resources. And by reaching out to multiple vendors, making them partners on this important project, Hot ensured an optimal user experience at every stage of the journey.

Museum milestone
Today, elmuseo.org reflects El Museo del Barrio’s true position in the art world and in East Harlem’s Latino community. Through evocative visual design and an exceptional user experience, this “Museum Mile” denizen takes it rightful place in the digital world.