When Evri approached Hot Studio about developing an iPad app, the field was already crowded with popular news readers. But Evri, a personalized news reader that makes it easy to track topics of interest, knew it had a key advantage: a robust semantic database that transforms data from more than 15,000 news sources into topics relevant to users. Working together, Evri and Hot designed a new app that leveraged Evri’s backend technology, established a new visual design direction for Evri’s apps and, perhaps most importantly, stood out from the rest of the pack.


A matter of semantics
Before concepting or design work could begin, Hot started by working to gain a close understanding of Evri’s semantic technology. After doing so, Hot developed a set of features that used Evri’s backend to create an engaging, serendipitous experience for users. Rather than functioning only as a feed, Hot’s designs turned Evri’s app into a kind of Google Maps for the news—a way for users to navigate and better understand the things that matter to them.

Navigating the news
If Evri’s app was going to function as a map for the news, it would need a navigational structure that was up to the challenge. Hot developed an intuitive navigational structure that seamlessly surfaces traditional newsroom categories, like Business and Sports, as well as trending and relevant content. The result is an engaging, fluid experience that improves with more use.

A design to build on
Along with designing the features and experience of the app, Hot also developed a clean, colorful look and feel for Evri’s app. The visual design of Evri’s new app will be used to inform the look of future apps from the company, meaning Evri’s apps will be standing out from the rest of the pack well into the future.

Watch the demo, or click here to download the app.