Mix one part high-end men’s fashion and one part online retail, garnish liberally with first-rate editorial content, and what do you get? Park & Bond, the first-ever full-price shopping site from Gilt Groupe. Conceived as being equal parts GQ and Bergdorf Goodman, Gilt turned to Hot Studio’s design team to pull together Park & Bond’s distinct merchandise and content.


An online personal shopper
Gilt wanted to create a highly curated environment in which shoppers could feel like they were receiving the same high levels of service they expect in stores. Hot responded with a clean, intuitive website that behaves like a personal shopper, suggesting and matching different items. The site’s “Shop the Look” function helps shoppers quickly pull together outfits and incorporates the site’s editorial voice to explain when and why each outfit works best.

Impeccable customer service
From the start, Gilt made it clear that customer service was a top priority. If Park & Bond’s customers were expected to spend big money on a piece of clothing they couldn’t touch and feel, they needed to be sure that buying and returning their purchases was as easy as possible. That’s why Park & Bond offers a simple return policy, and the website features a quick-and-painless one-page checkout process.
Working with many teams
There were many stakeholders involved in the development of Park & Bond—business and editorial teams, along with experts in user experience, fashion, retail and e-commerce. Hot’s design team engaged each group to be sure that all major objectives were met, and continuously worked with each through the project’s completion. The result? A site that’s easy on the eyes and eases the mind, that incorporates a distinct editorial voice without detracting from product or functionality. It’s a hard look to pull off, but Hot and Gilt made it happen.