Marie Claire and Seventeen magazine readers may have different styles but they both want iPad access to their publications. So Hearst Magazines made it easy for them. By using video, a medium readers already understand, Hearst showcased iPad magazine apps in action. With Hot Studio in the director’s chair, Hearst produced a series of videos for each magazine’s unique apps and audience.


Hot hits its mark
To give readers a good sense of how the print experience translates into a personable digital one, we first explored the different magazine audiences in detail. With target reader insights in hand, the team developed video features that engage both the younger female readers of Seventeen and the more sophisticated fans of Marie Claire.

That’s a wrap
For post-production expertise, we provided detailed specs to our partner French Press Films, a San Francisco film production company specializing in new media and online marketing. The finished videos demonstrate the innovative features that distinguish the Hearst apps as completely recreated versions of their respective magazines.

Click here to view the Marie Claire video.

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