When Dave Eggers, author and founder of the successful tutoring center 826 Valencia, won the TED prize, his wish was to inspire people to get involved with their local schools. Hot Studio worked with Eggers and TED to create Once Upon A School, a website that delivers on his dream. As part of that collaboration, we were also asked to design the logomark.


A memorable identity
Once Upon A School needed a memorable identity that showcased the site’s purpose: literacy and storytelling. The identity would capture the spirit of storytelling in all its forms—spellbinding stories, inspiring stories, and page-turning stories—and simultaneously communicate the value of educating youth.

Evoking story time
The logomark is inspired by the world of the writer and is based on classic typography. It appears to peel off the page. The page-turning effect evokes the act of storytelling and “once upon a time,” encouraging site visitors to take action, turn the page, and get involved.

Every element of the new identity is connected to finding an idea, being inspired, and telling a story, which is the essence of the website itself.