Take a break while touring the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the artists will join you, literally. Thanks to the museum’s recent installation of Apple iPads in one of the gallery’s interstitial spaces, patrons can relax and explore SFMOMA’s permanent collection from the perspective of the artists themselves. Titled “Artists Working, Artists Talking,” this iPad installation, an SFMOMA first, grew from concept to coding in just four short weeks. A testament to Hot’s collaborative approach, this people-centered app represents a whole new way to integrate technology into the museum experience.


Curators of content
Centered on eight main themes within the permanent collection, the new app introduces patrons to artists’ own perspectives and reasons for making their art. Through compelling video segments, one can actually see artists creating the work, hear interviews with authors and journalists, even enjoy TV clips released at the time of the art’s creation. From Ansel Adams shooting on location to Imogen Cunningham in the darkroom, from rare footage of Frida Kahlo to sculptor Richard Serra “performing” his splash piece of molten lead, Hot worked closely with SFMOMA to cultivate the most educational and insightful video content in 8 millimeter to high def.

Partners with a plan
With a multi-media trove of content on hand, Hot rolled up its sleeves with partner Pivotal Labs to design the underpinnings of the site. By working closely together from the launch of the project, Hot and Pivotal devised a plan to create screen flows and build app pieces along with design. This approach infused the interactive design with technical possibilities and allowed the team to refine the interaction and movement as they built. The end result: a one-of-a-kind museum technology experience with people-centered design built into its core.