Social Chocolate is a new for-profit that works in coordination with the University of California Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center to promote happiness and well-being. When it came time for Social Chocolate to launch its first project, SuperBetter, a superhero-themed online game that turns the process of recovering from injuries, illnesses, or health goals (such as losing weight) into a multi-player adventure, they came to Hot Studio. As a partner, Hot provided wireframes, visual page designs, and the SuperBetter logo, all while working in a lean, quick-iterative way that sped production.


The game of getting better
How, exactly, could the recovery process be transformed into an online game? This was the first challenge that Social Chocolate and Hot’s user experience designers tackled. The teams created a robust user dashboard that managed the data associated with SuperBetter, all while keeping the layout intuitive and inviting. The gaming atmosphere was enhanced with a series of rewards and incentives that motivated users and bridged the gap between SuperBetter and the offline world.

A friendly healing machine
When conceiving SuperBetter, the teams knew that the visual experience was a crucial element. Users were coming to the site looking for help: they needed to feel welcome, and not be overwhelmed. Hot’s designers worked closely with the Social Chocolate team to create well-structured pages that ably managed features and data while retaining an optimistic, relaxed feeling.

Building off the concept, Hot and Social Chocolate also collaborated on the visual definition of SuperBetter’s brand. The teams created a logo and series of icons that would be extensible throughout the site and provided a structure for use on other platforms. Though the overall working process was lean, the work by Hot and Social Chocolate generated big results: a friendly Web experience that helps people get better. How super is that?