The United Religions Initiative is a nonprofit peace-building and interfaith organization with three ambitious goals: promote daily interfaith cooperation; end religiously motivated violence; and create cultures of peace, justice, and healing for our planet. It was our privilege to design an online experience that would help this important group accomplish their work and communicate with members at home and abroad. Here’s how we did it.


Connecting the circles
URI fulfills its mission primarily through Cooperation Circles, which are local or virtual groups comprised of people of various faiths and traditions from around the globe. The Circles confer on creating cultures of peace and deepening interfaith respect by exchanging reports. To make the website more conducive to sharing content, and communicating the value of URI work, Hot proposed a new more member-centric design and site features.

The faces of change
Personalizing the URI mission was paramount to the success of the website redesign. Through captivating images of members and Google-generated maps highlighting Cooperation Circles around the world, Hot Studio set the digital stage for the inspiring member content and peaceful solutions.

Working with Emerge Interactive, Hot’s development partner, the team created landing pages for various Action Areas, such as Peacebuilding and the Environment. To keep users engaged, each page automatically refreshes with relevant content. Member-generated content automatically surfaces on the home page providing a steady stream of fresh content for website visitors and visible incentive for members to contribute.

A world of good
By emphasizing the United Religions Initiative’s global impact through design, content and new features, Hot proudly helped URI empower members to share their amazing interfaith stories and inspire others to join them. Today, there are over 500 Cooperation Circles in 78 countries that can utilize the new URI website to further their vision of peace and healing.